Chappaqua 79th Annual Strawberry Festival

Chappaqua 79th Annual Strawberry Festival

Chappaqua 79th Annual Strawberry Festival

The 79th Annual Strawberry Festival  

Saturday, June 4, from 11 AM to 4 PM

St. Mary’s is proud that this is the longest, continuously-running event of its kind in Westchester County. The festival brings the parish and community together for food, games, crafts, music, attic treasures, and not least– strawberry delights! It is St. Mary’s signature event, one that has brought parishioners, especially the children, some of their fondest church memories. All ages work collaboratively to carry out this annual community-builder and fund-raiser.

 Please sign up to help out. You’ll have a great time!

The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin Chappaqua web site:

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