2012 Garden Awards

Congratulation to the Winners of the Town of New Castle Garden Club Awards!

Beautification Advisory Board co-chairs, Monica DeJanosi and Phyllis Furnari, would like to announce the winners of the 2012 Garden Awards!

Timothy and Lenore Walding, 4 McKesson Hill Road
Lanny and Sharon Close, 1272 Hardscrabble Road
Brad and Gayle Ceisler, 2 Pondfield Drive south
Edward and Genevieve Foley, 28 Maple Avenue
William Gerstener, 46 Cross Ridge Road
Todd and Shari Krouner, 69 Ludlow Drive
Alex and Julie Levenson, 40 Smith Street
Edward and Jill Notarpole, 52 Roarding Brook Road
Mark and Renee Chimel, 29 Winthrop Road
Mike Malara, Millwood Lumber, 87 Millwood Road
Music in Chappaqua, 225 N. Greeley Avenue

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