Important Questions to Consider about Sleepaway Camp

Research has found that the overnight camp experience promotes and builds: 
• Self-esteem 
• Confidence and Independence 
• Coping and Social Skills 
• Lifetime Friendships!
All without the internet and cell phone see What camp can do for Your child 
  1. Have I discussed my child’s interest with him or her? 
  2. Do I have an idea of the kind of camp? There are singlesex or co-ed camps; specialized or generalized camps. 
  3. How long do I want my child to attend camp?  Length can span from one to eight weeks. Or opt for an all inclusive experience in a 3 1/2 week camp. 
  4. What is our budget? There is a camp to fit every budget. 
  5. Do we want a large,  medium or small sized camp? Camper population can vary from 80-600 campers. 
  6. How far away feels OK?  No matter where or how far away, a good camp will have excellent security, medical facilities and communication.
  7. What activities does my child like?  Choose from specialized interests or general programming. 
  8. How can I find a camp?  Work with an experienced Camp Advisor who has visited camps while in operation, met with directors and keeps up to date on any changes.
  9.  What will my child gain? Campers develop a strong sense of self, gain confidence and social skills in a shared, nurturing, and healthy environment.
  10. With whom should I consult?  The Camp Connection, the Summer Camp Matchmakers for over 25  years. Our FREE service represents over 600 summer programs that have been visited while camp is in session, referenced and reviewed. 

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