New Castle’s latest landmarked home: 300 Quaker Road

300 Quaker Road

The Reynolds-Keeler-Williams House 300 Quaker Road

by Gray Williams
Genealogical and land records research by Patricia S. Foy

As you proceed north along Quaker Road about half a mile from Chappaqua village, you reach the top of a rise that overlooks Kipp Street and an extensive wetland that was once a large shallow body of water called Chappaqua Lake.

On the high ground is a generously proportioned Victorian house, with the broad eaves, bay windows, and an ornate entrance porch typical of the Italianate style of the mid-19th century. At the back of this house is a small, simple flat-roofed ell that looks like a later addition. It is almost certainly, however, what remains of the original house on the site, built more than a century earlier, and one of the pioneer homes in New Castle.  Read more on

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